Create Google calendar event from google shets

Hello all.

I’m trying to create a Google calendar event, when i add new row to Google sheet.

When i did what is needed, and i test my event, i get error for my start date/hour.
I try this ISO string in my Start Date column, but it seems it do not work: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.000
Also i try several more format, and cell date formats, but no sucess.

Can you please suggest, how i can put the dates, so Activepieces understand them?

Now I get this error. My sheet have header section ( Title, Description, Start Date, End Date etc.) If i’m understanding the error correct, probably i need to remove my Header section?

“start_date_time”: [
“Expected ISO string, but found value: Start Date”

Hi @Roller_Av , Welcome to the community :wave:,

Please pass date without quotes as shown in image for start date of Calendar event.


Let me know if you face any error.

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So, to clarify:

In Start Date and End Date column of my Google Sheet, i need to type the dates in this format 2024-04-29 12:00:00 ? Or i need to remove the column headers and have only a date?

Now i’m using: 26.04.2024 12:00:00 and it do not work. But this format should work 2024-04-29 12:00:00 ?

Yes. Store the date in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss in a Google Sheets column, and then pass the value of the date column cell to the calendar action.

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The date worked, but in order Google Sheet to recognize it and format it as date, i need to add Date format to the flow.

Now, what i want is: If new Google Calendar event is added, then create new row to Sheets, BUT if a event is updated, the update the row.

So i created a branch, but i think i get wrong again, since when i add new event it do not load.:

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I tested the flow, step by step. It was suvessful then i tested the whole flow with “Test Flow” button. Again everything Good. But i’m thinking that the problem is in the condition “Exists” ?

Could you share an image of a Google Sheets document showing how dates are stored in columns? This will help to how we can utilize the Date Helper step to transform these dates into a format suitable for use in the Calendar step.

Combining “Find Rows” and “Update Row” currently opens up your flow to race conditions.
If something reorders/adds rows after “Find” but before “Update”, then the row number that’ll be updated is no longer accurate, which will silently overwrite the wrong data.

This is an issue on Activepieces’ side, which I’ve reported here, so far without response or acknowledgement.

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Hi, yes.
So I type the dates in the format in the FX cell 26.04.2024 08:00:00, but I formated the Start/End cells so they look better and more undestandable. (Format/Number/Custum Date and Time) (The english translation is 26/apr/2024 08:00:00 / friday )

When i type date it automaticly appears in the format i need in the cell but in function FX it stays in the other format like on the screenshot.

The problem is:
If i type in the cell a date format that is supported by Format Date action, then the cells cannot be formated as Dates in Google Sheets. And also Google Sheet do not directly recognize New or Updated Google Calendar action event dates format.

So this is why i have New or Updated Google Calendar - > Format Date but format date put the dates in the spreadsheet in a way GS do not recongnize and cannot format as dates.

(i hope i explain it good :slight_smile: )