Cant create a dynamic read data rows from excel i've been uploaded to google drive

i need help, how to create a dynamic read row from excel i’ve been uploaded to google drive?
here are the steps:

  1. Webhook, succeed (can get data: name user, file upload (xlsx)
  2. gdrive upload file, succeed (file uploaded)
  3. find row goggle sheet from id gdrive uploaded file, error (can’t find file from step 2)
  4. insert row to google sheet (file recap) to add data from user file upload (can’t run, because step 3 error).

if xlsx file must be converted to google sheet, and no option in activepieces to convert it automatically, then skip this, and assumed that file upload is google sheet file format ( skip to solve next step), if there a ways to make it works, it awesome.

and how to get autoincrement from record id_number (1,2,3,…) and add date now in google sheet (file recap) insert row from last record because i dont have id and date now data in webhoook and trying to insert it from activepieces.

Hi @han and welcome to Activepieces!

  • We don’t yet have an Excel to Google Sheets converter. You can request it on our pieces roadmap.

  • If you want to read the whole sheet then loop through it and add numbers next to the rows, you can:

    • Use Google Sheets → Find Rows and keep the search term empty.
    • Then use a Loop step to iterate over all the rows.
    • Then Google Sheets → Insert Row and use the index from the Loop to the number of the row and insert it in the new row.

I’m not sure if I completely understand your requirement, so please feel free to correct me.

can you help me how to use loop step? how to setting step iteration. i dont find documentation how to use loop pieces.

here is sample of google sheet, with yellow mark.


  • how to make increment of last id (id+1) when insert new rows in activepieces step
  • and how to get data date(now) in activepieces step
    other record already get data from webhook using activepieces successfully.
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Do you think my post here can help you a little bit? Send an email to various addresses - #8 by ashrafsam

Also, for the increment, can you just use the index from the Loop properties?

still not working.


id should be continuous from last id record. how to fix loop step, to get last id from last record.

Hi @han Since you want the sheet to keep counting, why don’t you prepare the sheet to do it already in a way that the first column auto increments?

If you still want to do it on Activepieces, you’ll have to use the Storage piece to store the value and increment it every time you insert to the sheet. I can help further if you want to do this.

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