Can you add Clockify & Harvest

Clockify and Harvest

Description: Can you link Clockify and Harvest timers? It would be great to be able to have my team (who are in Clockify) linked to my Harvest Projects/Timers.

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  • Actions you’d like to see - I’d like to be able to add my team’s work times, to be imported into the time sheet in Harvest, so that I can invoice all the hours.
  • Triggers you’d like to see - If a time under a client/project is added in Clockify, at the end of the day, those hours are added to the date, time and client/project in Harvest. With the option to turn this on and off.
  • Use case you have in a real business setup - Currently in my clients (and projects) are all in Clockify, my team currently uses this. But I personally use the timer in Harvest and invoice from Harvest. At the moment I am manually importing time from Clockify each month over to Harvest from my teams hours. However, I would love to import my teams hours into Harvest automatically, under my time, so I could invoice all our time together. I wish I had the features from each integrated into one software. But this offering doesn’t quite exist yet.

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It will only let me show one screenshot and not attach multiple. Maybe better for me to send in a separate document.