Building an ActivePieces Flow & Piece Marketplace: Discussion & Feasibility

I’d like to propose an exciting idea to further enhance the ActivePieces ecosystem: a dedicated marketplace where developers can create and sell custom flows and pieces. This could provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Ecosystem Growth: A marketplace attracts new developers, expands the available offerings, and fosters innovation.
  • Developer Incentive: The ability to monetize their hard work incentivizes developers to create high-quality, valuable flows and pieces.
  • Community Collaboration: Open access to diverse contributions fosters knowledge sharing and collaborative development.

Given ActivePieces’ existing import/export functionalities, implementing such a marketplace seems feasible. However, I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights on this concept:

  • Do you see value in an ActivePieces marketplace for flows and pieces?
  • What key features and functionalities would you deem essential?
  • Are there potential challenges or concerns to address?
  • Are you aware of similar existing platforms that we could learn from?

Let’s have a productive discussion! By sharing our collective knowledge and expertise, we can explore the potential of a vibrant ActivePieces marketplace and its impact on the community.

Hi @IOBLR Thanks for the post! I pinned it globally as this is something we’re interested in but haven’t yet found the best way to go about it so we’d love to hear everyone’s thought.


Yes I think it’ll be a good idea.
I dont-'t know how can protect a template, it’s too easy to copy/paste
I think a lot of companies could be happy too find a list of good developpers for helping

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@IOBLR would love to see this. Maybe in a future date pieces and core development would have separate branches and regular release cycles. For now, as a contributor, I can only work on private pieces that are commissioned or paid for.