Better support access

i am truly trying to hold on and use the system but there support is veryvery difficult to access and responses are usually about 1 sentence and not helpful

for example i asked about integration with claude and support sent me a link to the sales page about open integrations which was not helpful and i couldnt see anything about it in the platform

Hi @trevorotts I moved this topic to Discussions to keep it open for other community members to participate in as it will close automatically in the support section.

Maybe my answer to your original topic (Anthropic/ Claude support time frame) was a one liner but it was the correct answer to your question.

I will explain more on that topic, I thought my answer was clear/enough but happy to extend on the answer to point you in the direction of your goal.

Our support is community based, we treat our community as friends and talk to them using simple language without long stuffed introductions. If you disagree with approach, please let us know how you think the support should look like.


for explaining the community

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Closing this thread because of the misbehavior of the original poster. We welcome new threads about expectations of support level.

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