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I was thinking about opening the Activepieces functionality to an employee. Like starting an flow manually (MUST have) and give some input (MUST have) and then see if it was successful or not (COULD have, because I could solve that by email piece).

Specific use case: I want Woocommerce coupon always created the same way (gift cards) with some unique parameters. The name for the coupon and the value should be input parameters from the employee.

First thought was: google sheets or google forms and then do the magic and inform via Email.

Any other ideas?

Thanks for your :brain:-power

Hi @demaya and welcome to Activepieces!

If you’d like it to be a controlled environment (you pre-define the inputs and validate them), a form would be your best bet. We support a variety of forms including Google Forms, Tally and Typeform.

Another (bad) design is to create an HTML form and let it hit the URL of the Webhook in your flow. The problem with this method is that the request won’t be authenticated (gated) so your flow needs to be of a public nature that doesn’t interact with any private systems (reading or writing).

If the employee is technical and trusted, you can give them the Webhook URL and a sample JSON object and let them hit the Webhook directly.

I hope this helps!

An additional thought: I suspect the employee will already be your Wordpress admin, the fastest might be to use FluentForm’s web hook trigger (this way your team remains in WP and you can control access to the form directly from WP).

Optionally, if all is well, you can extend the flow to create this coupons/giftcards from activepieces via the Woocommerce piece

The flow I’d recommend will be:

[Wordpress Form via FluentForm + webhook] → [Activepieces flow] → :checkered_flag:

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