BCC emails not being sent, nor is "Sent By" showing desired input

I initially set up some CC’s and BCC’s which seemed to work but then took a few out. Now I am only receiving the TO’s even though a BCC is clearly listed.

Of less concern, but notable, is that the entry for “Sent By” does not appear in any received emails. In other words, the field does not override the default during my testing.

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have you received any update? Just noticed the same.

Hey guys, is this using the SMTP piece or Gmail?

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I’m using this in gmail

dear all
same issues here (with gmail piece).

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Hello @Gio @karla @Les_Henderson ,

This issue has been resolved. Now, emails will be sent to BCC participants. Please recreate the Gmail step to reflect the new changes.



Thanks a bunch for fixing this issue. :heart_decoration:

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It worked for me, thanks!!

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