Azure DevOps Integration

Azure DevOps Integration

I would like to see an integration to be done with Azure DevOps workItems.
This way you can update a workitem, create a new one and act (trigger) on workitems beeing created or modified.

Their API is fairly documented and its easy to set up integrations.
Get started with the REST APIs for Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevOps Server - Azure DevOps Services REST API | Microsoft Learn

There are allready integrations done thru Microsoft Power Platform for instance that will allow you to integrate but it would be great to be able to integrate thru Active Pieces as well, and also Azure DevOps is free for up to 5 users.

Primarily, workitems is my business case, however if you can integrate with their other parts as well as build pipelines and commits from git, that would also be great.

Please note that I am primarily speaking of the online version of Azure DevOps, found here:

Azure DevOps works similar to JIRA, and enables you to do all kind of automations.
I have done an automatic ticketing system before for instance with checking emails incomming and creating tasks, and when replying in the tasks it sends emails automatically. This is one example that can be easilly done with Active Pieces.