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So, I’m trying to create a flow where ChatGPT creates some content but waits to publish it until it’s approved. I’m loading the content into Notion (thanks for creating this feature :raised_hands:), and once the status is marked as approved, I want it to be automatically posted.

I tried using the approval feature, but it seems I haven’t set it up properly as it only pauses the flow. How can I achieve this?

I cant see the full flow - but based on what I can see it looks like you are missing the “Create Approval Links” The “wait for Approval” will simply pause the flow since its waiting for you to click on one the links to approve the post and then more on the rest of the flow.

If you do have the Create Approval Links" in the flow please show the full flow so I can better understand what is going on and why things are not working :slight_smile:

Honestly, I’m a bit unsure about my approach here! :sweat_smile:

Do I need to include “Create Approval Links” in the flow?

What I’m aiming for is to change the status in Notion to “approved” and have that trigger the content to go live.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!


I’ve made a change in the flow. Instead of waiting for approval, I’m now using the “Create Approval Link” action and sending it via email.

Now, I’m looking at the “Branch” piece, and I want it to publish the content only if it’s marked as approved. Can you guide me on which option to select for this?

Take a look at the full flow here:

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Yes, in order to use the approval process, you need to first create approval links. Then, it waits for you to click on one of the links to continue the workflow.

From what I can tell, based on the screenshots you shared, it looks like you have the “Create Approval Links” after the wait for approval, so that would not work at all.

Also, it looks like you are simply changing the status in Notation and want AP to work based on that. It appears that AP does not support this at the moment, but with some small changes to your workflow, you can make this work.

You want to create approval links before the Notion step, then add the links into notation. Click the link when you want the flow to continue.

Hope that helps.

Hi @David_M,

Thanks for your quick response. I tried shuffling some things around and removed the branch piece, but now the post still goes live whether I click on approve or not. :sweat_smile:

That is odd - if you want me to look into this then please export your flow and share the json file since there is not much to check via a screenshot : )

I’m not quite familiar with this, but I have a feeling I might be missing something. :sweat_smile:

I can’t attached here, so trying out Blaze: BLAZE

I took your JSON file and removed the extra steps. I ran a test, and things worked as expected. Your flow should have stopped and waited for approval or non-approval based on the flow you shared.

If you say the flow is running even when you do not click on ANY of the approval or disapproval links and the flow keeps on to the next step, then that is a bug (but I don’t see that same bug on my end).

Are you saying the flow keeps on running even when you do not click on any link?


Yes, I experienced a few automatic publications without any interaction with the links. There was even one instance where it got published empty - eventhough I did not play around with the ChatGPT or the LinkedIn step.

After a few hours testing and making various changes along the way, it seems to be working as expected now.

I also have another flow that’s currently stuck, but I’ll leave it for today. :melting_face::sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot for guiding me through the process.

My pleasure! I’m glad to hear that things are working now.

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