[Ask LLM] under all flows

Hi. under “All flows” I see a new flow called [Ask LLM], created 9/15/23, 12:34 PM.

But I did not create it. Is this system generated? If so, why? how can I use it?

Can you post a screenshot of it in your dashboard? What’s its content?

@andrusito Can you DM me your email address here to get it checked for you?

how?, I click on your profile photo and don’t see a way to send a message

I messaged you @andrusito

Thanks for sharing your email @andrusito

Nothing looks wrong at our end, it looks like when we announced the released on Discord, you visited the OpenRouter page on our website and clicked on Try it which automatically creates this in your account.

You can click again and see the effect (a new flow will be added again).


aaaah, ok. got it now… Is there some tutorial on how to properly use this new action? I’m looking to create SEO optimized articles for my WP blogs

I guess there’s not?


The blog is probably what you are looking for. Specifically, these two:

Kind regards

But then you’ll have to replace the OpenAI steps with OpenRouter. There are no tutorials on it but it’s very simple to use. I’m working some useful templates using OpenRouter that will be published in the app.

Feel free to open a new topic to discuss or ask questions about it.

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Thank you guys! Pls let me know when u publish those OpenRouter templates.

I’m following this guide: Automate Blog Writing with AI: A Step by Step Guide using OpenAI - Activepieces

up to here, where I see this error :frowning:

trying to solve this, I get this

I disabled wordfence… but I need it enabled for security reasons.

so your connections work ONLY if security plugins are disabled?

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