AP_DEV_PIECES variable is not being read

I have a linux system and no matter what I export the AP_DEV_PIECES variable to I’m always presented with the default of google-sheets and webhook. Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?

Hi @SSAdvisor,

Please join our Discord for contributions. It’s a dedicated space to help with such issues. Could you please check the dist/packages/pieces/ directory, Does it have the folder for the piece you just created?

If yes that means it build successfully

Thank you,

I’m just trying to get the environment ready for adding to the pieces. I was trying to determine the process for bringing the piece up in the development environment. I have joined the discord server, which channel should I post this in?

Please post on Contribution channel, I tested on latest version and It’s working.

Going to mark it as resolved for now, If it doesn’t work please post on the discord channel.

Okay but it’s not resolved. I’m working through it and will report on the contribution channel once I have the issue found.

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