Any solution for WP Connection failed?

Hi everyone,
I get this error when trying to connect AP to WP:
Connection failed: REST API is not reachable, visit" make sure your settings (Settings → Permalinks) are set to “Post name” (or any option other than “Plain”) and disable any security plugins that might block the REST API

This is not the first thread about this issue, but looking into the community topics cannot find a working solution. Can anyone help? Thanks

@EmBold It looks like there are many ways how the WordPress connection can fail and we’re trying to catch them and handle all of them in the piece.

Can you DM @abuaboud with your website URL and testing credentials so he can try and see what the issue is?

Hi and thanks for the quick reply.
@abuaboud how can I provide you the testing credentials for the website

You may simply need to add your wp directory after .com/wp-admin for example, I have had to do this before.

You can message @abuaboud I’ve just enabled messaging for everyone here

Hi @EmBold

Messaged you here, If you can please give me credentials that would be great!

Trying to write you a private message but I get an error:
An error occurred: Sorry you cannot post a link to that host.
How can I provide credentials in a safe way?

PS: I tried to add wp-admin to the URL, but it doesn’t work

@EmBold I dm’d you, can you please send the credentials?

Hi @EmBold thank you for sending the credentials, the issue is that server keeps getting blocked by “Verify your not bot” do you have plugin that does that?

Thanks, will get in touch with the hosting provider to solve the issue

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