Airtable new/updated record trigger not working properly

I have a simple automation that triggers when I update a record in my Airtable database.

You can see from this video that I only want to pass record 1 through the automation, but it is mass triggering all rows in my table instead, even when I have only updated 1 record.

Here is the video:

You can see I only want to trigger record 1 (the first one) but it is triggering all rows instead.

Hello @Raelyn_Tan ,

Could you please provide the number of records in the Airtable base?

99 records in my baseā€¦

can you test a flow in unpublished mode and then republish it? Let me know if it works.

Just an update, the flow got triggered many many times even though I never updated any records in Airtable at all while I was sleeping and now open AI charged me $120. Could have been much more had it not been the open AI limit.

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