Add workflowy integration

The idea is:

Develop a new node for integrating activepieces with Workflowy to enable the automation of tasks and the synchronization of data between Workflowy and other services. Although Workflowy lacks an official API, its integration with Zapier suggests that there are possible workarounds or private APIs that might be utilized. This integration could potentially open avenues for automatically updating and managing Workflowy lists based on actions or triggers from other connected services.

My use case:

I often use GPT-powered tools to process and summarize information, generate content ideas, and even draft initial outlines. I want to automatically send this processed information into Workflowy as new notes or list items. For example, after a meeting, I could use GPT to summarize the discussion and then have that summary automatically populated into a specific Workflowy list for future reference and task tracking. This would streamline my workflow and ensure that all insights generated by AI are efficiently organized and accessible.
As well I find it crucial to synchronize my tasks and notes across all platforms seamlessly. For example, updating a task status could automatically reflect in my Workflowy list, or creating a new event in Google Calendar could add a corresponding item in Workflowy.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Integrating Workflowy with activepieces would provide a seamless flow of information for users who depend on Workflowy for personal and professional organization. By automating data entry and task updates, users can save time, reduce the chance of human error, and enhance productivity. The integration would especially benefit those who utilize AI and other advanced tools for data processing and need an effective way to organize the output.

Any resources to support this?

Given the existing integration of Workflowy with Zapier, there might be unofficial methods or private APIs used for such connections. These could potentially be explored and adapted for use within activepieces. Collaboration with the Workflowy team could also be sought to explore potential official support in the future.