ActivityPub support

ActivityPub Piece

Providing a way to push posts, reply to comments, etc for ActivityPub supported services like Mastadon, Peertube, Kbin, Lemmy, Threads, Flipboard, Discourse, etc would be great way to reach more people and by supporting ActivityPub directly it should be easier to support apps that use the standard rather than needing specialized pieces, though this could be mostly used as reference spec for pieces that use more specific language for the actions and triggers (i.e. rather than actor specify community for lemmy or magazine for Kbin).

This would also set up for git forge federation automations, as Forgejo and Gitlabs work to support ActivityPub federation continues.



  • Changes to an Actors profile: activitypub/#actors
  • New items in Actors inbox

Use cases

  • Create issues in Gitlab or Github if a user tags a post marked as “bug” or “feature request” on a threadiverse community or if official project account is @ed with the proper verbage
  • Generate microblog posts on Git forge release of a new verge